All-New Ford Taurus Comes Equipped with Unique Technology Features

Once the new Ford Taurus arrived at Laura Ford of Sullivan, we knew we needed to talk in detail about why it already has become so popular. This full-size sedan not only will help keep you safe on the road, but it also comes with a number of technology features drivers appreciate too.

The help assist works to keep the driver from getting into an accident, the new Ford Taurus uses radar technology to identify slower moving vehicles ahead of your car while on the highway. If detected, you'll receive warning alerts to take corrective action before the braking system will pre-charge to slow down your car.

When you shift your new Ford Taurus into reverse, this is when the Cross-Traffic Alert system starts to monitor activity on the road in either direction. If a vehicle is going to move into your path as you drive back, the vehicle will send you visual and sound alerts to slow and proceed with caution.

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