New Ford Fusion Energi Packed with Technology Features

What's the popular plug-in hybrid this year? Look closer at the Ford Fusion Energi.

Once you are driving at a decent speed and activate the Adaptive Cruise Control system, your vehicle scans the road ahead for a lead car. Once identified, your Ford Fusion Energi will keep a buffer to that vehicle even if that lead car changes speeds. Your car simply brakes and accelerates automatically as needed.

When you are driving the all-new Ford Fusion Energi on the highway, that is the time the Blind Spot Information System kicks into action. The radars monitor behind the vehicle, finding vehicles in your blind spot and flashing your side mirrors so you do not leave your lane and shift into a car riding beside you.

Take this all-new Ford Fusion Energi for a test drive today because we have plenty of them on the lot here at Laura Ford of Sullivan in all different colors.

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