Learn the Benefits, How to Get it, & What it Can Do

If you've ever shopped our selection of new Ford models in Sullivan MO, you've likely noticed that we have a large selection that offers integration with the FordPass App. What is it, and how can you use the FordPass App in St. Louis? Why should you sign up for it?

What Are the Benefits?

From your phone, you can:

  • Make payments
  • Request Roadside Assistance
  • Check Warranty info, service history, and more
  • Locate your vehicle
  • Earn points to use toward service discounts and more

Connect Your Vehicle

To connect your vehicle with your phone's FordPass and FordPass Connect App, simply download to your mobile device, use your Ford Owners account login information to create an account, create a pin or touch ID login, and enter your vehicle's information, or VIN. Tap finish and activate your service to get all of the great benefits of this program.

What Can it Do?

By offering all of the wonderful perks listed above, the FordPass App can keep you in touch with your vehicle, whether you're inside of it or parked somewhere. Knowing where to find your vehicle, or requesting a service appointment wherever you're parked is one thing you can enjoy with this app, and we look forward to helping you set it up in your vehicle today.

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