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What battery should I buy for my Ford F-150?

The Optima 8025 battery is recommended for the Ford F-150, because of its high cold cranking amps rating.

How long will the battery on my Ford F-150 last?

Typically, Ford F-150 batteries last between three to six years, although your specific location and driving habits will factor in to the life of your battery.

What will it cost to replace the battery on my Ford F-150?

Many things factor in to the cost of a battery, including the power, size and quality. The prices for new batteries range from $45 to $250.


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How to Replace the Battery in a Ford

Finding the Battery on a Ford Escape (2013-2019)

Getting to the battery in the Ford Escape can be tricky. Watch this for a step-by-step guide.

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Don't Forget this Important Step When Replacing your Battery

Follow this step-by-step instructional video to learn how to reset your Ford's battery monitor sensor.

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Ford Battery Replacement

Watch this to learn how to replace your Halfords or Bosch batter in a Ford Ranger T6

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At Home Ford F-150 Battery Replacement Instructions

Replacing your Ford truck's battery is pretty simple, but be sure to watch this video so you know exactly what to do and what to look out for.

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There are three main things to keep in mind when purchasing your new car battery: group size, cold cranking amps and reserve capacity. The battery group size refers to the actual measurements of the battery and will be specific to each vehicle, so be sure to confirm that information in your owner's manual. The cold cranking amps is a metric used to determine how well a new battery works - a higher rating equates to a high-performing battery. Lastly, the reserve capacity tells you how long the battery will last until it falls below the minimum voltage level. The age of a battery will also impact its performance - be sure to ask the date of when your battery was manufactured. Finally, ensuring you purchase a battery with a warranty is important so you'll have coverage down the road.

Drivers often forget how important the car battery is until there's a problem. Your vehicle needs a healthy battery to make sure the rest of the parts function properly and keep you safe on the road. The car battery power can drain over time, with different factors affecting the health of the battery, including extreme weather and how you use your car. Before you buy a new car battery, make sure you consider the following items.

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