What tires does Ford use?

Quality is one of the key emphases that Ford places on all the vehicles that they have. As such, every detail of the car matters and this is why there is no comprise even when it comes to the tires of these vehicles. Each model of Ford has specific tires that are approved. Continental Original Equipment tires are ideals as they are customized for Ford vehicles.

Ford Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near St. Louis

Which size of tires is appropriate for a Ford vehicle?

Different vehicles will use different tires, depending on various attributes. The 2019 Ford Ranger, for instance will use P255/70R16 tire sizes. On the other hand, the 2019 model of the Ford Escape used P235/SSR17.

At what point should I replace my car tires?

There is no defined period or schedule for replacing your tires. This is handled on a case by case basis. The depth of the tread is what indicates the life of a tire and the moment it gets to an eighth of an inch; this should serve as a warning. In most cases, a tire is considered completely finished when it is at 2/32 inches and needs immediate replacement. You can test the depth of a tire by placing a coin under the tire. If the coin is stamped on the tire, replace the tires right away.

Which brand of tires is on Ford Vehicles?

Michelin is the tire brand that Ford uses for its vehicles. There is a wide selection of tires that you will find from this brand. All you have to do is provide your model of car and you will get a comprehensive guide of the tires suitable for your car.

Are tires covered on the Ford warranty?

Yes, the Ford New Vehicle Warranty covers tires up to 36K miles. For up to 12K miles, the warranty will take care of 100% of the cost. The cost passed over to you is influenced by number of miles you have taken.


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 Tire Maintenance Videos

The right Model T car tires by Henry Ford

The automobile industry was invented by Henry Ford. However, there seems to be less publicity for his acumen in partnering with other pioneers in the industry like Ohio Harvey Firestone.

35-inch tires for leveling Ford F150

My brother in-law got 35-inch wheels and tires from me. Here is a video tutorial on how to put them on the Ford F150, including specifications on dimensions.

Ford Fusion Tailor-made Tires and Wheels

Check out the custom tires and wheels we have put on the Ford Fusion. The tires are Switch series by Fast Wheels and Y-rated Extreme Contact, Continental Tires.

A guide to changing a tire on the Ford F150

Do you want to change a tire in your Ford F150? Here is a quick video tutorial by Craig at Legacy Ford Fernie. It should take you less than 10mins.


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